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Choose the correct passport picture size.

1Choose the document type that you need:

Users should first choose the type of document that they need a passport size photo for. For example, one of the most popular is the US’ passport photo size (2’’ x 2’’ square or 51mm x 51mm)

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Why you should make passport photos with us

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Over 130 countries documents photo size standards

Our passport photo maker has collected and verified the correct requirements for photo sizings from 140 countries worldwide. Whether you are applying for an US visa, an Australian passport photo, or an Indian driving license, we’ve got you covered with the correct photo sizes needed. Have a look, you will surely find the option that you need!

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Easily change the background of passport photo

Our tool automatically removes your picture background. You can pick a new white background as is required for most standard documents or make it other colors for aesthetic purposes (not recommended for official documents)

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Automatically adjust the image to meet standards

Passport maker uses advanced algorithms to crop and center your passport photo to meet the requirements of the document type you chose. There’s no more need for manual editing.

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Downloadable & printable

Your passport size photos will be available for download in seconds. You can download it either as one HD printable file or as a photo collage sheet.

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Ease of Use

Our tool is designed to be user-friendly. We automatically do all the legs work for you so that the outputs will always be fit for official documents. Simply follow our 4-steps guide above to make your own passport size photo now.

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Free & HD

We do not charge you for creating passport photos with us and never will. All outputs are guaranteed to retain and upgrade upon the original quality of the picture. Try it now!

FAQ on making a passport size photo

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